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An open kitchen space surrounding a bread oven, a hallway, and an entrance filled with the bustling activity of bakers and the presence of collaborating and snacking spectators; the aroma of freshly baked bread, the sounds of the fire, swirling clouds of flour, hot bread scalding hands during breaking and sharing, ubiquitous crumbs, none of which should go to waste – this is the multisensory landscape of the event.

The "Piec" (Oven) action showcased the process of growing and baking dough prepared with Ukrainian sourdough. Breads, rolls, flatbreads, croissants, pancakes, pulled from the fire-burning oven, appeared on tables crafted in the Wrocław workshop MiserArt by people experiencing homelessness crisis. They accompanied welcoming gestures and mutual introductions among participants during the opening of the 20th WRO Biennale.


In the installation "Chleb Powszedni" (Everyday Bread) by Karina Marusińska and Marta Śniady, the collected crumbs on the tables became part of an installation that gave visibility and audibility to inconspicuous elements of reality – remnants, bread particles – those carelessly abandoned after being satisfied and those that must suffice to survive. Lack, shortage, loss are the "everyday bread" during wartime. Alongside the oven, works by Gosia Rojek titled "Pola" (Fields) were presented, showcasing paintings created with her unique technique based on earth ingredients.

Smell of baking

Sound of fire


Food art

Roots-case study

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