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Migrant Food Language


A project involving the creation of a universal language of symbols comprehensible to everyone, everywhere in the world. During public dinners, we examined how dishes, their presentation, and their surroundings influence the senses and the way a meal is perceived.

From the realm of our exploration, we eliminated sight and speech, thereby losing the sense of time and social barriers. For the members of the group responsible for the project and the creation of dishes (artists and designers of ceramics and glass), the biggest challenge was to reject the paradigm of visuality on which they rely daily. The results of their work were presented during a culinary performance at the WRO Art Center in Wrocław in November 2018. In a completely darkened space, a dinner took place involving the extreme experience of senses, the texture of dishes, the structure of food, the analysis of sounds, and aromas.

Rejection of the

universality paradigm


Food art

Four elements

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